Petsitting by Linda            

Pet Sitting in your home which includes:

Initial visit, a chance for you to look us over and investigate our references (no charge)

Area of Service: Primarily the West bank of New Orleans. There will be a fuel charge for distances over 12 miles.

Pet care information: Visits run from a minimum of 20 minutes each time to a maximum of one hour. Pets are fed, watered, walked (or let out under supervision) and played with. Inspection of the pet, pet bed area and household and yard where the pet has access to is also conducted. No other areas of the home are inspected unless you request this. If your dog makes any mess in the house or is paper trained, we clean this up for you also.

Home care information: You can also request mail pick up, paper pick up, plant watering and home inspection services also for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Times: Pet sitting begins as early as 6 a.m. and ends as late as 10 p.m.

Rates: $20.00 per visit or three visits (recommended for dog households) for $50.00 Medication charges may apply if syringes are involved or a difficult pet but will not exceed $2.50 per treatment. Dog bathing is also available, prices depending on size, please ask me.

Emergencies: If you wish to use my services, you will be required to fill out a written information sheet (contract) Part of this information package consists of an authorization to bring your pet to the veterinarian of your choice with specific instructions on what you authorize in an emergency. Please note there is no charge other than the regular visit rate for emergency trips to your vet.

Keys: We can keep keys for future use and in case of an emergency trip on your part, and if you decide to do this please note that all keys are locked up at all times. If you prefer that we not keep a key, that’s okay too!

Payment method: Cash, checks, money order. We do not accept any credit cards. Please note that there is a $28.00 charge for any NSF checks. A deposit may be requested if your trip is to be an extended one, otherwise, payment must be made within THREE days of your return. Due to mail service in the New Orleans area, I prefer no mail payments, please.

Further inquiry: If you would like to set up an appointment or just have questions, feel free to email me at, or call (504) 931-9455. All inquiries are answered promptly.



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