Petsitting by Linda            

Vaccinations must be current.

Dogs must be walked on leashes, fences preferred. Please do not ask me to "just let the dog out" if you do not have a fence. Leashes will be required unless you have the obedience champion of the world in your home. Temporary fences may be erected in some cases for the safety of your pet.

Dogs let out in their own yards must have a fenced and secure area, they are monitored at all times. Dog households require a minimum of one (1) visit per day. Crated dogs will require a minimum of two visits (2) per day unless you have someone other than petsitter checking in on them. If your dog is a “digger” or escape artist, we cannot be responsible if you do not advise of these conditions.

We do not sit with aggressive or terminally ill pets.

We do not sit for reptiles and or snakes.

Payment required within three days of your return unless agreed to in advance.




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