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Welcome to Pet Sitting by Linda. WE LOVE ANIMALS!! We are a professional pet sitting service that offers a reasonably priced alternative to caging and/or boarding your beloved pet. Your pet stays comfortably in his own home and you can go on vacation or that business trip without the worry and guilt feelings you normally have. Don't kid yourself, if you board your pet they will not receive "personal attention" or even be let out for any length of time. They will be in a cage in a strange place and stressed just being there. Home is always best!!

Owner/operator, Linda Boudreaux is a Louisiana Notary. I decided several years to give up on a professional job in the legal field, one that I'd done for over twenty years, and devote my days to preferred clients of a different sort, PETS. I have in the past had the privilege of raising Maltese, Weimeraner and Yorkie puppies and have had as many 18 adult dogs in my home who were NEVER caged. I have raised over 50 exotic birds, including Toco Toucans, amazons, cockatoos, African Greys and several types of Conures and Cockatiels, working in the past with the Aquarium of the Americas.

I am bonded and have many excellent references of happy and satisfied customers. You can count on me to be honest, reliable and someone you would trust in your home but more importantly, with your pet!



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